Kid’s Coding

What is Kids’ Coding and Robotics?

Our Kids’ Coding and Robotics program uses innovative, well-researched and tested methods for teaching technology skills to children, such as computer programming, robotics, and building blocks for electronics and engineering.

Empowering young learners, creating future leaders

Our creative computing instruction empowers learners and provides them with space to explore technology. This gives children a head start in critical 21st century skills like computational thinking and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) topics.

Skills developed through creative coding and programming also build important life and  leadership abilities like problem solving, critical thinking, initiative, and confidence.


What we teach

Our core content includes:

Scratch (ages 7-14)

Micro:bit (ages 11 and up)

Robotics (ages 12 and up)

We offer workshops, classes, summer camps, and other opportunities for children to explore technology in a playful way. We run activities in our own center and we also partner with schools and organizations to bring our workshops there.

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